vol·un·teer [vol-uhn-teer] noun

1. a person who voluntarily offers himself or herself for a service or undertaking.

You have many choices when volunteering. We are thrilled you are here to find out more about volunteering with the Foundation of Caring. We are dedicated to reaching out to our local communities and improving the quality of life for those most in need. You can join us in this effort through our many volunteer opportunities.


Volunteer Spotlight

Zephyrhills Internal Medicine staff

Z-IM staff


The Zephyrhills Internal Medicine staff are always doing a little extra to help children and families.  In addition to their on-going office food drive for abused, hungry and homeless families, they collect and donate books for children who need special help with reading. 

You immediately see the smiles when you enter the office; along with feeling the compassion and joy the staff receive from being great volunteers with the FMC Foundation of Caring.

To learn more about volunteer opportunities please contact Chrissy Bond at cbond@FMCFOC.org or 813-406-4499.

Anita White



Anita White, center right, with guests from The Gathering Place, a group dedicated to encouraging and educating people whose lives have been impacted by cancer.

When a person hears those three terrible words: “You have cancer,” all they know at that moment is their life will never be the same. The emotional barrage comes later, and, without help, the pain and fear, the uncertainty and loneliness can be every bit as fatal as the disease.

Registered Nurse and Oncology Clinician, Anita White, witnesses this every day. Anita trusts the doctors she assists and the medication, which, she said, gets better all the time. But she also believes there may be no health supplement better than hope, no healing purer than love.

A little more than five years ago, Anita founded The Gathering Place, a monthly fellowship meeting for people diagnosed with cancer as well as their family, friends and caregivers. Each month, free of charge, scores of people gather to share, emote, relate and heal. They come to turn fear into hope, loneliness into love and heartache into healing.

The Gathering Place began with 6 patients. Now, more than 40 attend monthly meetings. With support from the FMC Foundation of Caring and under Anita’s leadership, members and supporters organize fundraisers to assist patients with transportation, prescription copays and other necessities. They also created a directory of professional services that patients can hire free of charge.

Anita has organized her group members into a community that is increasingly self-supporting and self-sustaining. Through the help of the Foundation and Anita’s tireless efforts, survivors and patients have become a family of caregivers.