Vegas Night 2013 – Check the Scene!

Vegas Night 2013 – Check the Scene!

As the sun began to set behind the flaming waterfall at the TPepin Hospitality Centre, the scene was set for an exciting night. Guests began to arrive, the early birds getting the first crack at the silent auction items and the first glimpse of the enticing gaming setup in the gorgeous ballroom. 

Visitors chatted, posed for photos and admired the auction items. Then Marilyn crashed the party. All all eyes followed Ms. Monroe she chatted with guests, flirted with the guys and even took to the stage to sing a few numbers. 

Celebrity emcee Al Ruechel stepped up to the mic to begin the show. As guests continued to fill the gala hall, Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn; FMC CEO, Joe Delatorre, and honorary chair, Joe Part, delivered stirring speeches.

Then it was time for the games to begin!

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