Reliance Pathology

Reliance Pathology

Angie Ojeda

Reliance Pathology Partners, LLC
A Ruffolo-Hooper and Associates laboratory
Corporate volunteer for the Foundation and Reliance Pathology Director of Marketing.


1. Why did you want to get involved with the Foundation of Caring?

Reliance Pathology Partners has been a sponsor since the beginning of the Foundation. Every year I’ve watched it grow.  I wanted to be  part of  the Foundation because they help so many families in need. When I met the director and she asked me to be a volunteer, I was quite honored to do so.

2. What does it mean to help?

For me It was great to learn so much from all the volunteers that  work so hard to help others.  Once you become a volunteer you see how it all pulls together. It is an inspiring group of people to work with.  It always feels good when you see the outcome, how much money you raise and how the foundation funds support the different organization that need so much.

3. What benefits do you get for partnering?

The benefits  are first to help other people and then to network with so many businesses in our area, as well as our clients. It is a different environment where I was able to socialize and get a lot out of it for our business as well as the community.

4. What advice do you have for others thinking about partnering and giving back?

Definitely they should do it. It is so rewarding. The foundation works with so many different organizations. The people involved are the BEST!


Reliance Pathology Partners is a physician owned full service anatomic pathology laboratory. Our pathologist are board certified with subspecialties. RPP offers personalized service with complete surgical pathology and cytopathology diagnosis. Learn more.

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