Mark Fitzpatrick: “It could change your life!”

Mark Fitzpatrick: “It could change your life!”

Mark FitzpatrickFMC Foundation of Caring Board Member, Mark Fitzpatrick, VP/Mortgage at SunTrust Bank, first learned of the Foundation through his work.

         “As a banker serving Florida Medical Clinic I was familiar with the Foundation. When I was asked to join the Board I jumped at the chance.”

         Fitzpatrick believes, in the case of FMC Foundation of Caring, the sum is definitely greater than its parts. “This is never more true than when likeminded folks pool their talents. The Foundation allows me to have a small part in programs that truly change the lives and futures of our fellow citizens.”

         Fitzpatrick is keenly aware of the principles of compounding interest, of what can happen when small numbers work together to get more done. “It wasn’t any one project that caused me to get involved. I believe in the concept of serving as part of a group because you can make more of a difference collectively than individually.”

         But Mark is not one to just attend meetings. He digs in and gets involved in the work of the Foundation when he can. “I’ve been involved in several opportunities through the Foundation. Unsigned Preps, Academy Prep, Habitat’s Raise the Roof, Bowling for Dollars, Oasis…”

         Fitzpatrick said Academy Prep, in particular, hit home for him. “Being a father of five homeschooled children, I was thoroughly impressed with the team at Academy Prep. What a blessing it is to support a group that is molding the minds of the best and brightest in our community.”

         Fitzpatrick encourages anyone who sees the value in what the FMC Foundation of Caring is doing in our community to do what he did. “Put down the brochure and show up. Get in touch with the Foundation office and show up at one of the service events. At worst, you’ll appreciate the efforts of the FMC staff, Foundation supporters and the community…”

         “At best, it could change your life!”

Mark lives in Lutz with his wife, Dawn, and five sons, Caleb 16, Jeremiah, Asa, Boomer and Eli.

Mark lives in Lutz with his wife, Dawn, and five sons, Caleb, Jeremiah, Asa, Boomer and Eli.

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