Marion Thomas: A Volunteer Hero

Marion Thomas: A Volunteer Hero


On July 12, 2014, The Foundation of Caring participated in a joint project with the Davin Joseph Foundation. The event was called HERO (Health, Education, Responsibility, Overview). This was offered in partnership with the BEST Program (Brain Expansion Scholastic Training).

This community project was a fantastic event that offered free sports physicals for kids. It provided a great opportunity for people in the community to participate by investing in youth. Dr. Frederick with BEST, spoke with the children and stressed the value of communicating with parents and coaches.

Marion ThomasFoundation of Caring volunteer, Marion Thomas, a patient navigator with Florida Medical Clinic, was blessed by her personal participation in this wonderful event. The experience not only impacted the youth who attended, it impacted her as well. She recalls a similar event she participated in when she was young and how it helped shaped her life. This event gave Marion a chance to share with youth the same life changing experience she had as a child.

Marion’s willingness and availability to give back is a great example of the power of volunteering and how it can truly change someone’s life.

Thank you to everyone who volunteered and gave of their time to speak into the lives of youth. Your time, no doubt, positively shaped the future of a child’s life.

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