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Each year in the USA and around the world, countless children are delivered into the modern day slavery of the human sex trade. Many of these poor, hopeless kids are found right here in Tampa Bay.


According to the Task Force on Human Trafficking, Florida is one of the most popular destination states for women and children trafficked into the U.S. Think about your children. Now think about what it would be like for them to be stolen from their homes, taken in secret and used as property in order to enrich evil individuals.


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Think about it … up to 40,000 children ripped from their homes and sold into a life of horrible servitude. Often, they do not know how to run or where to run. There is no escape. Many of the victims literally have no idea where they are or what they will be used for when they arrive. They are utterly captive and entirely vulnerable … and the vast majority of them are children. They cannot escape this hell without your help.


The Florida Medical Clinic Foundation of Caring is partnering with the “FREE Collaborative,” a survivor-led community, to confront this modern day slavery  together. Our collective goal is to rescue women and children trapped in this horrific cycle, to engage the societal cancer that is child sex trafficking and to prevent it from happening here in Tampa Bay. Please stand with us and support this mission.


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Your support will allow the FMC Foundation of Caring to save women and children, change lives and make a major local impact in the following ways:



Human trafficking exists in multiple forms including forced labor, domestic servitude, commercial sex operations and child sex trafficking. With your help, we can work to prevent this in the Tampa Bay area.


Victim Services

Together, we can help give victims and survivors the opportunities and resources they need to break free, learn a new lifestyle and successfully integrate into society.


Resource Development

With your help we will equip volunteers with the tools and training they need to help survivors and support victims. These victims deserve to have what they need, physically and emotionally, to move on and lead healthy and productive lives.


Your donation will help us raise awareness of human trafficking and help us form and fund Community Action Groups to engage this issue head on.


Your support will help us provide basic essentials to those saved from this modern day slavery, everything from toiletries to clothing to gas cards, food cards or bus passes to help them get away and begin a new life free of the horrors of sex slavery.


A gift of any size can make a difference. Thank you for your generous support.


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For more information on ways you can help, contact the Florida Medical Clinic Foundation of Caring via email, here.