Foundation grant supports parents, protects children

Foundation grant supports parents, protects children

Florida Medical Clinic Foundation of Caring gave a grant in December of 2012 for Champions for Children of Tampa Bay to provide Touchpoints  training for staff.  Touchpoints created by Dr. T Berry Brazelton is a practical method for strengthening parent-child relationships.  An approach that enhances the ability of pediatricians, nurses, early educators, home visitors, and other professionals to support parents – enabling them to “touch into” the family system when their involvement is most likely to be appreciated and their messages most likely to be helpful

Champions for Children, since 1977 has been building stronger families in the Tampa Bay region through its child abuse prevention and family education programs. Through their programs, parents receive hands-on training, support and the information needed to face the many challenges and pleasures of raising healthy, happy and well adjusted children.

Liz Kennedy, Director of Layla’s House in Tampa shared the following:

Look at the happy faces of the Champions’ Touchpoints Team that the Foundation of Caring has so generously sent to Boston to become Touchpoints trainers!  They are so excited, learning so much and adore Dr. Brazelton.  Evidently he has become quite taken with all of them and wants to come to Tampa to help launch our West Coast Touchpoints Center.  Wouldn’t that be great!

All of this has been possible because of the Florida Medical Clinic’s Foundation of Caring’s very generous grants to pursue this opportunity – first with the local training and now with the Train-the-Trainers experience.  None of this would have happened without their belief in Touchpoints and Champions for Children.

Our thanks to everyone,

Liz Kennedy

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