Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What volunteer opportunities are associated with the foundation?

The Foundation of Caring has many opportunities throughout the year for volunteers to help out.  To get involved, please visit our Volunteering page.


Q. How is the Florida Medical Clinic associated with the Foundation of Caring?

A.The Florida Medical Clinic created the Foundation in 2005.  Since that date, the FMC physicians, employees and administrators have volunteered, donated and helped “spread the word” about the Foundation throughout the clinic and the communities we serve, to patients, family members, business associates and friends.

The Foundation and the Clinic work as a team. When a volunteer opportunity is identified, we gather together interested employees, business associates, family members and friends to form a team. The team then works together to meet the identified need.  This can be “hands on” work at a local community agency, boosting attendance at an event, or raising awareness and money to meet a specific need.


Q.  Why should I donate to the Foundation of Caring instead of directly to an organization?

A. The Foundation conducts thorough and professional strategic review of each grant application or volunteer request, vetting each applicant and determining the needs of their constituents.  The Foundation offers volunteer opportunities in a variety of settings, as well as financial support that fills gaps in existing funding and services.  We believe that time and treasure combined make a more meaningful and long lasting impact.


Q. Is my organization eligible to receive funding through the foundation?

A. See Grants/Our Focus


Q. I am an individual seeking financial assistance. Am I eligible for a grant?

A. We do not provide funding to individuals, nor to organizations asking for less than $1,000.